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it is insane to think this was two years ago. on the left, you see a very tiny maggie. i wasn’t working out at this point. & to be honest, i wasn’t eating. i was struggling with anorexia & bulimia. & the sad this is, i still thought i was fat. i never realized how unhealthy i looked. shit, i didn’t even realize i had a thigh gap because in my head i was huge. my hair falling out wasn’t indication enough of how i was killing myself slowly. however, on the right, you see me today. someone who works out six days a week & isn’t afraid of food. i get healthier & healthier everyday and while i still have a bit to go, i am more motivated than ever because i love the way i look. i love having thick, muscular thighs & muscles on my arms. i love loving me.

#transformation #throwback #healthyliving #gymlife #gymrat #fitfam #inked #picstitch

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